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September 1, 2018 was a big day that the band has been preparing for. It was the day that JDW Band was officially established by a studio session at Tree Sound Studios in the Atlanta Ga. Area. It is the place they recorded their first band single “To Hapi”. Imagine Jonathan Davis “JD” being the first to arrive at the Studio booked by Ben Didelot. JD walks through the door and he is carrying grocery bags filled with all sorts of things, not just a stick bag. It turns out that JD has plans to use not only room A to record the band single but the kitchen as well. After the groceries are loaded onto the kitchen counter, he goes into the recording studio and begins to set up drums.

Later, 2 women arrive at the studio front door. “Yes let them in please, they are the cooks, said JD”. One of the cooks is a woman who we will refer to as “Terry” from Brazil. When the JDW Band first album comes out (later soon), you will see a song on the album named after Terry because JD was writing a song while Terry was trying to call him on the phone. Now Back to Sept. 1st. JD and the two cooks greet and talk briefly in the kitchen. Moments later Kirk Green, Joseph “Smook” Scrutchins, Larry Wilson, and Rick Benjamin walks into the kitchen and Brunch is laid out right before their eyes. Meanwhile JD is more concern with tweaking the enormous drum setup and his dad is in the lounge area playing pool table by himself.

Capturing the awesome sound of the drums in Room A is the most important task for the day. “The rest of the instruments can be overdubbed outside of the studio session” said Larry Wilson. He was reminding JD that he had another session to attend to real soon. On the record “To Hapi” credit goes to Kirk and Smook for playing Piccolo Bass (6 & 7 String Bass). Marcus Davis and Larry Wilson Played keyboard parts on the record. JD played the bottom Bass, drum set, produced and mixed the session. JD knew that He would need help giving the recording the best sound. So, JD hired Rick Benjamin to put a final mix on the song, master the recording and tune the master to 432Hz for a more natural tone.

A Huge thank you goes out to Tobias Tankard who referred Rick to run sound for JD. A Huge Thanks goes out to Tree Sound Studios, Ben Didelot for the booking and Jack for assisting the production for the day. Jack was so cool; he gave the musicians a tour of the entire studio. So, JD decided to just leave him all the food that was left over in the kitchen that Terry had graciously prepared. He Was happy and JD Was happy. Now let’s hope the listeners will enjoy the first of many songs to come.

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